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hawlla back son
3 August
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  • hawlla_icons@livejournal.com
  • The Noose 8083
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[x] This is the icon journal of hawlla.
[x] This journal is used for icons made, tutorials made, and brushes made by hawlla.
[x] To see a list of resources used on all icons/banners/etc., check either the memories section or the website section.

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[x] Please comment.
[x] Any and all credits got to either hawlla or hawlla_icons. (If you don't get what I mean, learn about it here.)
[x] Not all blanks are bases. A note will be attached to a blank if it is either a base or not.
[x] All blank icons that are designated as bases can be taken without credit and customized as one sees fit.
[x] Hotlinking is a big, fat no.
[x] No claiming my work as your own. I put a lot of hard work into some of these icons and I don't want to see it being usurped by someone who doesn't realize how much work was put into aforementioned icon.
[x] Enjoy the icons at all times.

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[x] Requests are a pain in the butt and I do not usually take them. A person is never really sure if they are getting what they want when making a request.
[x] I will do them if I feel moved to do so.
[x] Currently, I am not taking icon requests.
[x] Currently, I am taking lyric and text brush requests.
[x] If/When I do take requests, please submit a form here..

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